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Pankhuri Jain

Litt om meg

  • Jeg kan hjelpe deg med:

    Human-focused design through the convergence of conceptual development, engagement, play, collaborative innovation and participative research. I can provide insights, design research, ethnography, context studies, customer travel, workshop facilitation, design sketches and illustrations, information architecture, prototyping, user testing, branding and strategy.

  • Er superopptatt av:

    I am fascinated by people — how they think, live, behave and relate to objects, materials, and spaces surrounding them. I am passionate about designing affordances which will help people interact with their surrounding environment more intuitively and seamlessly.

  • Klarer ikke å jobbe uten:

    Sharpie pens, post-it notes, LEGO bricks, (they help me think) and doodling. Apart from that, good food and a nice gin never fail to cheer me up.

  • På en vanlig dag:

    Research and insights, customer journey mapping, concept sketches and participative research.

  • Blir spesielt fornøyd:

    I enjoy co-creation and opportunities which give designers an opportunity to interact and co-design with people who might eventually end up as potential customers. Nothing beats real-time feedback and criticism.

  • Min styrke

    Dive into details, deconstruct a bigger problem into manageable smaller chunks. Clear communication and ask lots of questions.

  • Meg selv med tre ord:

    Curious, Happy, Excited

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